Naturalgoritm is a decoration concept founded in Romania few years ago from the need to express nature, to unveil its structure and hidden meanings to the human eye, using only local natural materials to make unique pieces of art that express the spirit of the place, bring unseen elements in front, create magic mysterious environments, expand consciousness by focusing the viewer on new unknown parallel dimensions and the harmonious relationships with the Whole.

This is not art in the classical way of understanding it, where the artist is the master, here the place is the master and the person the instrument, it´s the direct, full connection between the heart of the person and the heart of the Earth, the focus to hear the voice of nature and the balance to put it in work.

Decorated on parties in Romania, Sweden, Norway, Germany, California, Switzerland, Greece. In Romania initiated the only-natural decoration concept within Rebirth in Aether Festival which has been a great platform for people to express themselves with materials found on site. In time, it has gathered many people that share the same passion and has become an unstoppable phenomenon :)


Waha 2015 Deep Stage

Spinning interdimensional stage, it worked!

Makvaerket Denmark

Terrace stage

Glia Bar

For some just a bar, for others a viking ship...

Waha 2014 Diamond Ufo Stage

Was trapped in a plane heading to Bucharest between 2 fat people sleeping window closed so thought of planning the stage, so this came out, big surprise that it worked, important step into really experimenting with structures.